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Net Index 2011 Tháng Tám 22, 2011

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This essay is about Net Index 2011 highlights in Vietnam. With this, Yahoo! And kantar Media strongly believe that our factbased insight should drive decision-making.

Net Index was implemented in 2009 to get the baseline understanding of the Vietnamese internet users. Building on this former achievement, the study was repeated in 2010 to track shifts in user behavior and evolving references. In 2011, this study will continue to evolve, to reflect the changing digital landscape whislt maintaining key longitudinal measures.

The first paragraph is about the changing landscape past months. Firstly, internet reach (daily) has now surpassed both radio and newspaper with 56% and 40% respectively. Secondly, dominant activities in VN are information gathering, entertainment and connecting with others. Internet adoption continues for teens and young adults…fuelled by their appetite for entertainment content. Thirdly, shift from shared to private access…with mobile on the verge of overtaking icafes…mobile growth greatest in Danang and Cantho where users are leapfrogging to mobile.

The second part will be mentioned following evolution of social Networking. There is a steady growth in social Networking from 41-55% in 2011. Mobile act as catalyst, allowing on-the-go instantaneous updates. Social networking heavily favoured by youth. Social networks start with close relations but with then move to less familiar circles. De-growth of social networking is becoming well documented in more mature markets like USA. (facebook sees big traffic drops in US and Canada).

Finally, we should talk about online transaction-a mixed bag nowadays. Netizens are using the internet to research, compare and “purchase” through payments are largely made offline, given current trust and comfort levels with e-payments. Group buying sites like Groupon have create significant buzz recently. These sites negotiate discounts on popular goods, services and acttural events, which is offered to thousands of subscribers in agree to buy. There is something about deal aggregation. Pure-play e-commerce offerings are still in nascent stage, given the constraints around infrastructure. Online buyers and sellers currently find each other online, but typically “transact offline” which will be a key challenge for deal aggregation sites. For deal aggregation sites to be successful, a mind-shift needs to occur…there is a need to educate on the concept of deal aggregation, against a backdrop of reluctant to “pay” online.


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